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Five years ago Anders Behring Breivik, disguised as a police officer, killed 69 young people at a summer camp at the small Norwegian island, Utøya.

A young guy fell down the cliffs and died, when he tried to hide himself from the shooting.

Ylva Helene Schwenke never saw Anders Breivik, but she felt the shots from his gun. The first shot felt nice, she remembers ''It sounds strange, but it was almost a relief to be shot,'' she recalls.

Some of the young people managed to swim away while Breivik shot at them. Some reached the main land, and others were picked up by the police in boats.

Ylva Helene Schwenke was shot five times. In her throat, stomach and legs.
The doctors told her, that if she had been found 15 minutes later, she would probably have been dead.øya-014---Rune-Aarestrup-Pedersen.jpg

The summer of 2011 was the third time MArte Søimer Bjørkedal participated in the summer camp at Utøya.
When she saw Anders Breivik arrive and heard the shots, she instinctively ran down to the water and began to swim.

11 people clung together and pretended to be dead. They were holding hands and didn't say a word.
Anders Behring Breivik found them. Only one of them survived.

Aleksander Sandberg from Levanger was 15 years old that summer on Utøya.
He was there with five of his best friends. Only four of them went with him home.

14 people were killed at the pump house.
Many of them texted with their family while hiding for Anders Behring Breivik.

Some managed to hide in small caves in the rocks so Anders Breivik didn't discover them.